Celebrity surgeon reveals how stars keep plastic surgery top-secret

February 25, 2022 | 7:47pm

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami — whose clients have included Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azaela and more — has to keep some of his best work undercover.

Non-disclosure agreements and private entrances are all part of a day at the office.

“My staff, they already know that anyone that works for me has to sign a confidentiality agreement — essentially like an NDA — so they’re not allowed to talk about what they’ve seen and hear, are what they haven’t seen,” Ghavami tells Page Six.

“Some of these celebrities almost never want to even come into an office building. So I’ll do house calls for them, but obviously they have to come in to do the surgery,” he adds.

“The good thing about my building is it’s a tall building. So it’s not like two levels right on [the street]… It’s a lot harder to get to certain parts of this building. So by essence, I chose a building that’s more private anyway.”

He added of the setup, “We have back entrances for both the clinic and the surgery center, and we time and stage it. Someone sees them with their sunglasses on, and stuff, in the elevator. They won’t necessarily know where they’re going to because there’s like 300 offices or whatever here, so they could be visiting their lawyer or their dentist. So that’s part of the privacy.”

And Hollywood stars are only part of his VIP clientele.

Kim Kardashian loving her facial results from Dr. Ashkan Ghavami.

“I have people who are foreign dignitaries from other countries to come and their bodyguards — who are all armed — are basically hanging out in their nice suits by the elevator,” the plastic surgery whiz said, “making sure to see who’s going in and out of the suite. So there’s a lot of protection going on here.

“Most of them come with their bodyguards or some kind of entourage. And sometimes part of the entourage hangs out in the hallway to make sure there’s nobody with like a camera hanging out… So I in 15 years have never had an issue or a breach.”

The doctor adds that stars can also use wigs, hoodies and pandemic face masks to stay incognito. But some stars openly tout his work on social media.

Iggy Azealia showing off her latest Dr. Ghavami assets.

“Iggy [Azealia] posted. She posted that I did some breast work on her. She gave an interview on her breast and her nose, and she has been open,” he said. “That openness allowed other people to request her type of nose shape and her breast size, et cetera.”

But most stars keep their work under wraps.


“Surgery talks remain within their tight circle,” Ghavami said. “They tell their friends and their makeup artists… they refer their VIP friends and family. A lot of people actually think I get all my work from all my patients from Instagram and social media: That’s not true. I would say over half is from referrals… a celebrity patient or a foreign dignitary or royal family member will sometimes send me their, like, daughter, their sister, their mom.

“And that means a lot to me… not only to refer me to your celebrity friend, but to entrust me with your blood, working on a family member that’s precious.”

Ghavami has also crossed over into the world of hip-hop: He was recently mentioned in an unreleased tune Kanye West and Nicki Minaj called “New Body.”

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