Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1: Every Battle Pass Skin Ranked

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I’m not usually all that critical when it comes to battle pass skins–eight completely unique and multi-style skins for 950 V-Bucks is the sort of deal that’s always gonna make me happy. But even by my relatively relaxed standards, the Chapter 4 Season 1 battle pass is a great one, without a bad skin in the bunch.

On top of that, this pass breaks us from the monotony of the past year of Disney/Marvel battle pass collaborations, going instead with a pair of much-anticipated Gaming Legends skins. And for the first time since Chapter 2 Season 6, we have a tier 100 skin that isn’t a collaboration.

It’s not a perfect pass by any means–it could certainly use more diversity, for one thing, and it doesn’t feel like either of the gaming collabs is quite as awesome as the Lara Croft outfit that also came with the Chapter 2 Season 6 pass (more on that later).

That said, this pass features eight outfits that are all worthy of spots in your regular rotation. But they can’t all be the best. So let’s look at which of Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 1 battle pass skins are truly the best, in our oh-so-humble estimation.

8. Dusty

Dusty isn’t a bad skin or anything like that, but if they’re gonna put three separate punkish girls in a single battle pass, one of them is gonna have to come in last on a ranking of the outfits. It is what it is.

7. Nezumi

This season’s anime character is admittedly pretty cool, and as a long-haired person I greatly appreciate it when we get skins sporting magnificent manes. The fact that you also get to decide how he does up his hair is also quite nice–Nezumi is the sort of outfit that doesn’t look like much at first glance, but is greatly elevated by his robust customization options.

6. Helsie

A regular Fortnite person drawn in a late-90s/early-00s style? There’s been a lot of that in this game this year (Bonejamin, Vivica Saint, Veronika, and everybody in the Boardwalk Warriors pack, to name a few), but Helsie is one of the better ones, with multiple styles that all follow the same template while still managing to be unique from each other.

5. Massai

How many Native American characters have we had the chance to play as in Fortnite? Not many. But Massai, who is Apache, has an awesome set with possibly the best emote of the pass, and his masked style is actually dope enough to use in rotation–I’m not usually a fan of masked styles. He’s got big Purge energy.

4. The Doom Slayer

The long-rumored “Doom Guy” skin is finally here, and his whole set is a delight, particularly the Cacodemon glider. But he feels like he really should have a retro style akin to the one Lara Croft got last year. So while he’s very cool, he’s not as cool as he could have been.

3. Selene

Selene is top tier because she has two styles that are striking and quite dope for completely different reasons. The only bummer is that there’s no transformation emote for it–both styles are good enough to be worth a preset slot.

2. The Ageless

This season’s transforming skin, and first tier 100 skin that wasn’t a collab in a year and a half, is a snapshot of Fortnite’s main antagonist, Geno, the founder of the Imagined Order. Both of these styles look great, even though I tend to get tripped up by the big shoulders on these knight-style outfits. And that transformation emote is pretty sick as well.

There’s a reason all the Fortnite kids have been excited about this one since these styles first showed up in an outfit concept survey a while back, and the full 3D versions of the design look just as cool as they did as concept art.

1. Geralt of Rivia

Since this is the so-called “secret skin” it’s going to be a minute until we can get our Geralts and really appreciate just how awesome it has to be to have a Witcher skin in Fortnite. I’m definitely biased–I’ve beaten each Witcher game three times, even the turbo-janky original. And so for me, Geralt is the gaming collab I didn’t know I wanted. And I am desperately, desperately, hyped about it.

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