Battlefield 2042 – Irish Specialist Breakdown And How Story Works

Battlefield 2042 releases in October and might not have a campaign, but its story is already hitting hard by killing off a Battlefield 4 character and introducing the horrors of being stateless. The Exodus Short Film Trailer introduces a new engineer Specialist Irish who can deploy cover and grenade interceptors as well as sets up what looks like a Season 1 fight over a downed secret weapon on the Hourglass map.

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Battlefield 2042 seems like it will tell a gripping story despite not having a single-player campaign. The Exodus Short Film Trailer revealed a lot about how Specialists’ struggles will be revealed through the different seasons and what kind of scenarios players will be thrown into through the multiplayer All-Out Warfare mode.

In this video, we’re going to go over details from the trailer. The story so far includes two returning Battlefield 4 characters, Irish and Pakowski. There’s a larger conflict brewing between the United States and Russia and also a much more personal conflict between No-Pats–people who’ve been driven from their home countries by natural disasters and political turmoil. The story sets up a conflict between Irish and Oz: Irish is a former US Marine who has broken away to save his family and wants acceptance for the refugees under his watch, while Oz is a shadowy figure who wants to start a war between superpowers by uncovering state secrets. The trailer ends by setting up a scenario on the Hourglass map, where players seem to be able to fight for one side or the other over a crashed prototype weapon.

In this video, we will also break down the new Specialist. Irish is an Engineer Class. His unique equipment allows him to build a Fortification System called DCS deployable cover. He can also deploy a device to shoot down explosives called the APS-36. His Trait is Veteran, which gives him extra armor.

DICE is currently running a Battlefield 2042 technical alpha test, with open betas coming in September and the game’s full release in October.

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