John Oliver Finally Settles How to Pluralize ‘Octopus’

During Last Week Tonight’s hiatus, John Oliver has been boning up on one of his special interests: octopuses. First off, how to pluralize. Apparently, “octopi” is taking a Latin pluralization and attaching it to a Greek word. If we were doing it Greek style, we’d say “octopodes,” but we’re not gonna. Very well. Beyond that, Oliver takes us through all the highlights of this, his favorite animal. They’ve got blue blood, some can use tools, and there’s one guy whose scientific name is wunderpus photogenicus, that looks like the embodiment of that one TikTok sound about having legs too long to fit on Vogue magazine. He also negs the creative team behind My Octopus Teacher for not being into octopuses enough, an accusation literally no one has ever hurled at that guy. In short, John Oliver thinks we as humans are ugly and octopuses are beautiful.

John Oliver Finally Settles How to Pluralize ‘Octopus’

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