Listen: Tee Dee Dees – ‘War’

Dappled synth pop with an emotional feel…

Robin Murray

16 · 07 · 2021

Tee Dee Dees returns with new single ‘War’.

The songwriter – real name Ori Mark – actually began life as a journalist, rising to become editor of Haarestz magazine.

Yet music continually invaded his thoughts; flutters of melody, at first, but then whole songs, emerging from the ether.

He’s penned two Hebrew language albums as Tee Dee Dees, merging synth pop with a very unique perspective.

His incoming album ‘1^2=1’ is something different again, however, with new single ‘War’ choosing to communicate in English.

Reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys in its drifting melancholy, ‘War’ was penned during the Boston winter, with temperatures plunging and communication difficult.

He explains: “I wrote this song while I was living in Boston, when the temperature was minus 20 degrees Celsius. The melody did not leave me during the whole winter, and only after a year I wrote the lyrics. I have recorded dozens of songs in my life, but I am proudest of this song.”

Tune in now.

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