BrandPost: Eliminate Mobility Challenges with Desktop as a Service

Cloud management and support are critical considerations when implementing desktop as a service for the mobile workforce.


Mobility has always been a challenge. The desire to connect anywhere, at any time, on any device has driven a series of technological breakthroughs over the past few decades. Yet, no matter how much mobility access progresses, users always want better, faster, and smoother technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic has added a new urgency to these problems. When work patterns suddenly shifted in March 2020, it became clear that a fresh approach was needed to enable work from home (WFH), mobility, and remote operations in general.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is the go-to solution to alleviate these challenges. DaaS provides virtual desktop services and applications that:

  • Enable a seamless remote workforce
  • Allow organizations to increase productivity, efficiency, and security
  • Help reduce IT complexity and hardware costs

Why Companies Choose DaaS

Desktop replacement: Managing desktops has been the bane of IT for decades. Every three or four years, IT orders new desktops and installs the machines one by one. In every case, the data must be transferred from the old to the new machine. Critical business applications need to be downloaded and settings arranged. These computer refreshes take months to complete. Once installed, IT still needs to update, patch, and maintain security and performance. DaaS makes it easier to provision users and their desktop experiences from a centralized resource, with uniform base configurations to support security, networking and other resources.

CapEx reductions: Buying new hardware and software every few years can be expensive. DaaS can often bring new life to aging machines scheduled for a refresh. And even when new desktops or laptops are required, DaaS eliminates a good portion of upfront costs due to its subscription model.

Disaster recovery: Backup and DR are another constant worry for IT. In the event of a disaster, organizations must recover all user data and rebuild each desktop to sustain business continuity, while avoiding lost revenue for every minute of downtime. Organizations using cloud-based DaaS can simply load a new base image and all user data and applications onto new devices in minutes.

Remote workforce: As WFH policies become more permanent, DaaS empowers IT to rapidly and seamlessly implement virtual desktops throughout the enterprise.

Shift-based, seasonal and temporary workforce: Companies with a seasonal workforce can use DaaS to quickly ramp up or down desktop availability. DaaS enables temporary desktops to be securely provisioned in minutes. For shift-based workforces, session-based DaaS deployments give companies the ability to spin up desktops when the shift workers log in and expire on sign out.

The Vital Importance of DaaS Service and Support

Within DaaS, service and support levels vary greatly from provider to provider. Some offer basic implementation and support but charge higher fees to resolve more challenging issues. In other cases, finger pointing between the DaaS provider, the OS vendor, and others (security, application, storage, networking providers, etc.) can inhibit rapid resolution of trouble tickets. DaaS success demands a vendor that takes responsibility for any and all aspects of the virtual desktop without laying the blame on others for poor performance or other issues.

Organizations should inquire about the tiers of services available. Organizations with strong IT departments might be happy with a lower service tier. But in other cases, it is advisable to bundle full service and support into any DaaS contract.

Paying a little more for top-notch service frees up IT personnel from the entire virtual desktop problem, permitting them to focus on more strategic objectives.

Ready to get started?

Desktop as a Service from RapidScale helps IT teams access desktops and apps through an internet connection from any device, in virtually any location on the globe. RapidScale also offers co-management to optimize your resources and control depth of contracted services. Whether your solution is co-managed or fully managed, our in-house support team can still provide needed technical support and advice to employees when needed.

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