Fall 2021: Digital’s tipping point

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Learn how IT leaders in award-winning organizations are reimagining products and services for a new era of customer and employee engagement.

By CIO staff and contributors


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Welcome to this special digital issue of CIO featuring our CIO 100 winners and Hall of Fame inductees. In these pages, you’ll learn how award winning organizations are reimagining the customer and employee experience, how leading CIOs are succeeding with revenue-generating responsibilities, and how one company is deploying digital twins for supply chain optimization.



5 Ways IT is driving new revenue

CIOs are increasingly being called on to boost bottom lines by driving new revenue. Here’s how five IT leaders have transformed IT into an engine for business growth.


Making the leap from IT expert to IT leader

Transitioning to an IT leadership role takes new skills, self-awareness and an eye for the business value of tech as you become a key point person for business-IT collaboration.


Digital’s tipping point

Fast-tracked digital experiences rolled out during the COVID-19 crisis are changing the way CIO 100 award-winning companies work today and in the future.


CIO 100, celebrating IT innovation and business impact

Hall of Fame, recognizing outstanding personal achievement


CIO Leadership Live

Brad Clay, CIO at Lexmark International, joins host Maryfran Johnson to discuss transformation as a service, the opportunities of IoT, and more.


Mars sweetens supply chain with digital twin

The confectionery, pet care, and food company is partnering with Microsoft to replicate its manufacturing operations digitally, a twinning task designed to optimize its supply chain.

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