GTA 6 DLC Plan Sounds Great… If It’s True

GTA 6 could be heading back to single-player DLC and Diablo 4 is promising it won’t be pay-to-win.

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Known GTA tipster Tez2 shared new rumors in a post on GTAForums in response to a comment about the reports of the world of GTA 6 “expanding over time.” Tez2 said this means “Rockstar will go back to how they were planning future content before GTA Online success boomed.”In other words, Rockstar was allegedly working on single-player DLC for Grand Theft Auto V but the studio ended these projects and shifted its focus to GTA Online.In a since deleted tweet, Tez2 urged Online players to dial 505-555-0175 in-game for “the first hint of GTA 6”. Unfortunately, as pointed out by Twitter user NoughtAFazeMom, the number simply leads to hold music. Which ironically fits the situation we’re all in anyway as we sit around on hold, waiting for Rockstar to drop a trailer or an information filled blog post.

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